Posted 5 hours ago

    Boko Haram crisis: Militants attack key city of Maiduguri

    Attackers struck a day after President Jonathan visited as part of his election campaign

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    Posted 6 hours ago

    New Zambian president Edgar Lungu sworn in

    Leader pledges to deliver a new constitution before end of his two year term

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    Posted 1 day ago

    Tanzania bans ‘The EastAfrican’ over coverage of govt, registration

    Nation Media Group, which owns the paper, described the move as surprising and unwarranted

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Special Report

The soldiers without enough weapons to fight jihadists
Posted 2 days ago

The ugly truth of Nigeria's battle against terrorism

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Africa Cup of Nations: Does size matter?
Posted 5 days ago

Cape Verde, Burkina Faso and Zambia prove that football is not just about size

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Mandela aide who has ruined her name with a Tweet
Posted 5 days ago

Zelda La Grange posted what cast doubt on past Afrikaner oppression

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How will you celebrate the 2014 Christmas?

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    As a life-long secularist, I was surprised by how offensive I found the Charlie cartoons

    Sometimes it pays to be a bigot; to my great shame I am one  Full Story
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    Finally, East Africa has begun to smell the coffee

    Why the continent needs war among her growing brands  Full Story
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    Why are youth joining violent extremist groups?

    When movements and mainstream politics fail to inspire  Full Story


  • Kenyan woman makes toilet cleaning her business

    Washing away diarrhoea and other water borne diseases

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  • How $2 started a $23,000 fashion business

    26 year old Levy fondly remembers his path to success

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  • Making jewellery from e-waste

    A former Kenyan street boy earns a living making jewellery from e-waste

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  • Why is the world indifferent to terror in Africa?

    The continent must learn to protect itself

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  • Innocents must not suffer due to mistrust between faith and science

    Clash between State and Church over tetanus vaccine a reminder of centuries of uneasy co-existence

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  • Search for Africa's best nightclub

    Hottest hits on the continent

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  • Nigeria abandons plans to sell its famous national theatre

    Built in 1976, the cultural edifice is a landmark monument of Lagos

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