Ugandan police shoot dead three pirates near disputed Island

Both Kenyan and Uganda have staked claim to the fish-rich Migingo  Read more...

Posted 13 hours ago

At least a dozen killed in fresh Burundi protests Read more...

Posted 7 hours ago

Burkina Faso coup leaders, aides under investigation

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Kenya National Theatre: Space versus content
Posted 15 hours ago

A contested cultural venue

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How Ethiopia has cracked down on people smugglers
Posted 2 days ago

A massive awareness campaign and a mix of other tricks against illegal migration

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Freetown: Relocating the poor to make way for the rich
Posted 3 days ago

Squatter structures are being demolished to 'revive' tourism

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Did you feel well represented by the African leaders at the UN General Assembly?

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Read Story: Did you feel well represented by the African leaders at the UN General Assembly?
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    Pierre shoots and tortures, Kabila just does it his way

    Welcome to the Mr President's Way  Full Story
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    On keeping the promise to defeat HIV/Aids by 2030

    Global response to the epidemic has been very successful to date  Full Story
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    In Addis, they don’t like Africans to come calling

    A judicious means has to be struck between legitimate security concerns and the need to interact  Full Story


  • Kenyan woman makes toilet cleaning her business

    Washing away diarrhoea and other water borne diseases

    Full Story
  • How $2 started a $23,000 fashion business

    26 year old Levy fondly remembers his path to success

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  • Making jewellery from e-waste

    A former Kenyan street boy earns a living making jewellery from e-waste

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  • Why EAC must help Burundi

    Today, the east African country is burning while the world is watching

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  • Africa must make farming ‘cool’ for its youth

    Young people will only venture into the farms if Agriculture promises prosperity

    Full Story
  • Egypt hopes Tut's tomb could conceal find of the century

    British Egyptologist Nicholas Reeves is in Cairo to probe his theory that Nefertiti is buried in a hidden chamber

    Full Story
  • Mozambican government plans to ban Angolan music

    Move meant to protect local artistes

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