Posted 14 hours ago

    South Sudan bans all foreign workers, including aid staff

    All aliens in the country to cease working as from October 15

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    Posted 15 hours ago

    Guinea-Bissau coup-maker sacked as army chief

    Gen Antonio Indjai was behind 2012 coup and was indicted in US last year for drug trafficking

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    Posted 21 hours ago

    'Worst shipwreck in years' leaves 500 boat migrants feared dead

    Survivors accuse traffickers of sinking the boat intentionally

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Special Report

Zimbabwe’s neglected elderly farmers
Posted 20 hours ago

Many households are under the care and guidance of the old

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Why splintered Al-Shabaab worries security experts
Posted 2 days ago

The recent killing of its leader Ahmed Godane could spark revenge attacks

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Nigeria's growing number of female oil bosses
Posted 4 days ago

How well-financed businesswomen are taking over

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Illegal migrants

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  • Blog Post

    Top ten reasons why Tanzania is ready for a woman president

    It's still a man's world, so status quo will not be threatened  Full Story
  • Blog Post

    This isn’t the time to be a rebel in East Africa

    Al-Shabaab, Riek Machar and the FDLR militia have all been facing setbacks  Full Story
  • Blog Post

    Praise-singing for Moi in the media smacks of hypocrisy

    Every adult Kenyan of sound mind knows it is too late to launder the former president's 24-year reign  Full Story


  • Kenyan woman makes toilet cleaning her business

    Washing away diarrhoea and other water borne diseases

    Full Story
  • How $2 started a $23,000 fashion business

    26 year old Levy fondly remembers his path to success

    Full Story
  • Making jewellery from e-waste

    A former Kenyan street boy earns a living making jewellery from e-waste

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  • Hypocritical US and British foreign policies are fuelling global terrorism

    Engaging with warlords, insurgents and radicals while propping up corrupt and undemocratic regimes

    Full Story
  • Al-Shabaab are at their weakest, so it’s time to talk to then exit

    Opportunity to crush the terror group must not be wasted

    Full Story
  • Movie on Kenyan mall terror depicts courage amid chaos

    'Terror in the Mall' revisits an attack that took place a year ago in Nairobi

    Full Story
  • Reality show Big Brother pushed to next month

    A fire that burnt studios where programme is shot affected its schedule

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