Nigeria’s electoral chief hands over office

Attahiru Jega declines the renewal of his tenure 

Posted 4 hours ago

Africa's think tank CODESRIA elects new president

Posted 7 hours ago

Chad expels scores of foreigners from N’Djamena

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African countries where homosexuality is outlawed
Posted 11 hours ago

Most of eastern and northern Africa regions don't tolerate gays

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Bright side of Africa’s population bulge
Posted 8 hours ago

A bigger, younger workforce contrasts against Europe's greying labour force

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EPRDF's tight grip on Ethiopian politics unlikely to loosen soon
Posted 1 day ago

The ruling party's dominance in the rural areas has left opposition outflanked

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Suggest ways to counter the rising global terrorism

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Read Story: Suggest ways to counter the rising global terrorism
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    Here’s how we can throw Cameron in a Nairobi jail

    The day the world gets to fear Africa, those indictments will stop coming  Full Story
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    Long live Yoweri Museveni, he’s going to give me a new iPhone

    His every presidential poll victory comes with a gift to Ugandans  Full Story
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    Shame on South Africa; power to its civil society

    It's hard to believe the ANC was once a liberation party  Full Story


  • Kenyan woman makes toilet cleaning her business

    Washing away diarrhoea and other water borne diseases

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  • How $2 started a $23,000 fashion business

    26 year old Levy fondly remembers his path to success

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  • Making jewellery from e-waste

    A former Kenyan street boy earns a living making jewellery from e-waste

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  • Europe insincere on the question of refugees from Africa and Asia

    Thousands of people fleeing the war in the former Yugoslavia were welcomed with open arms

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  • Tax incentives denying Kenya money it needs to improve livelihoods

    Civil society groups say cost of financial outflows from Africa outweighs investment benefit

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  • Hollywood star Lupita headed to Nairobi

    Oscar Award-winning actress to conduct several session with artistes and students

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  • A Kenyan production that confronts radicalisation

    Thriller film ventures where many would rather not

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