Burundi: Nkurunziza's 'de facto Number Two' assassinated

Top general killed a week after the president declared victory in controversial poll  Read more...

Posted 1 hour ago

Kenya diaspora to discuss 2017 voting

Posted 4 hours ago

Ethnic violence flares up again in South Sudan

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Uganda's ex-prime minister in complex process of reincarnation
Posted 1 day ago

Amama Mbabazi is finding his chances in NRM narrowing to zero

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Why the Habre trial delay pains victims' kin
Posted 1 day ago

Former Chadian tyrant could have time to strategise on how to defeat justice

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More to Buhari's Cameroon visit than the Boko Haram menace
Posted 4 days ago

Abuja and Yaoundé have numerous bilateral issues of concern

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Should the AU embrace Burundi's President Nkurunziza after his third term win?

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Read Story: Should the AU embrace Burundi's President Nkurunziza after his third term win?
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    An unpredictable election may just open up Tanzania

    Former prime minister takes a bold step of challenging the ruling monolith  Full Story
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    To 'eat' or not to 'eat'; that is the big question corrupt Africa faces today

    A mere 5pc of the continent's oil and coal export revenues will put electricity in every home  Full Story
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    It's back to our bad ways after Obama's visit

    Citizens deserve the best even when foreign VIPs are not visiting  Full Story


  • Kenyan woman makes toilet cleaning her business

    Washing away diarrhoea and other water borne diseases

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  • How $2 started a $23,000 fashion business

    26 year old Levy fondly remembers his path to success

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  • Making jewellery from e-waste

    A former Kenyan street boy earns a living making jewellery from e-waste

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  • Yes, it is time Kenyans said ‘enough is enough’

    Obama used the immense prestige of his office and political talent to kick in the right direction

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  • Mandela’s remarkable story holds valuable lessons for us all

    He taught us strength of spirit, integrity, honour, and leadership.

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  • Sudanese film wins at Durban festival

    Story of freedom fighters who got indepedence but trapped in unending conflict carries the day

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  • Brazzaville to host continental music fete

    PAMFEST to precede the All Africa Games

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