News Analysis

African blocs fail to agree on Free Trade Area

By JAMES ANYANZWA in Nairobi | Saturday, July 16   2016 at  15:44

EAC, Comesa and SADC have disagreed on preferential treatment of sensitive goods

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Unease as fragile ceasefire holds in South Sudan

By FRED OLUOCH in Nairobi | Friday, July 15   2016 at  19:03

Plenty of signs that the crisis was not over yet

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Why Museveni is now dining with swine offspring

By JULIUS BARIGABA in Kampala | Sunday, June 5   2016 at  15:43

Uganda president reaching out to his predecessors’ sons to secure support in their home regions

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580,000 people risk starving in Angola

By ARNALDO VIEIRA in Luanda | Thursday, June 2   2016 at  15:37

Thousands face food shortage due to severe drought

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