News Analysis

'Uncertainty looms' over DR Congo

By NDI EUGENE NDI in Yaoundé | Saturday, August 13   2016 at  14:13

Analyst fears the election date controversy could be a recipe for chaos

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Why the choice of the AU chair matters so much in today’s multipolar world

By ELISSA JOBSON | Monday, August 8   2016 at  10:27

The failure to elect a new AU Commission chairperson provides African leaders with a second chance to find a dynamic, bold and visionary candidate, but will they take it?

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African blocs fail to agree on Free Trade Area

By JAMES ANYANZWA in Nairobi | Saturday, July 16   2016 at  15:44

EAC, Comesa and SADC have disagreed on preferential treatment of sensitive goods

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Unease as fragile ceasefire holds in South Sudan

By FRED OLUOCH in Nairobi | Friday, July 15   2016 at  19:03

Plenty of signs that the crisis was not over yet

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