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    Kenya under pressure over Uganda renditions

    Lobbyists call for trial of suspects at home...

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    Why many young Algerians are lukewarm about Bouteflika win

    Hopes and impediments...

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  • Cocaine hub Guinea Bissau votes new leaders bring reform

    By AFP | Friday, April 11  2014 at  15:51

    Drug trafficking fuels corruption Full Story

    TAGS: Guinea Bissau, Cocaine, Election, Economy, Jose Americo Bubo Na Tchuto

  • Eala Speaker faces vote of ‘no confidence’

    By CHRISTABEL LIGAMI and DICTA ASIIMWE | Monday, March 31  2014 at  13:38

    Margarest Zziwa is accused of misconduct, poor governance, and poor leadership skills Full Story

    TAGS: EALA, Speaker, EAC Treaty, vote. co confidence, Arusha

  • Is Nigeria serious about tackling corruption?

    By WILL ROSS for BBC | Wednesday, March 12  2014 at  12:24

    Goodluck Jonathan's ruling party on the ropes Full Story

    TAGS: Nigeria, Corruption, Goodluck Jonathan

  • Is Manuel Vicente Angola's Chosen One?

    By ARNALDO VIEIRA in Luanda | Tuesday, March 4  2014 at  14:07

    Presidential succession begins to take shape Full Story

    TAGS: Angola, Manuel Domingos Vicente, MPLA, Eduardo dos Santos, constitution

  • US mulls response to Uganda’s anti-gay law

    By DANIEL KALINAKI | Wednesday, February 26  2014 at  09:59

    No easy answers as President Museveni remains a key ally Full Story

    TAGS: US, Uganda, anti-gay Bill, Amisom, donor

  • Rwanda's opposition in disarray

    By THE EASTAFRICAN | Sunday, February 23  2014 at  14:42

    Wrangling could deal a death blow to 2017 election challenge Full Story

    TAGS: Rwanda, Opposition, Unity, Disarray, Kagame, Elections, Ingabire

  • Post-Gaddafi Libya a playground for warlords

    By AFP | Monday, February 17  2014 at  13:54

    Lawlessness rife as rival factions settle disputes by shoot outs Full Story

    TAGS: Libya, Gaddafi, army, gunmen, GNC, Ali Zeidan, elections

  • Internal power struggles spark Algerian election anxiety

    By LAEED ZAGHLAMI in Algiers | Friday, February 14  2014 at  15:12

    North African country holds presidential polls on April 17 Full Story

    TAGS: Algeria, Elections, Bouteflika

  • Gays in Cote d'Ivoire find haven on hostile continent

    By JORIS FIORITI | Monday, February 10  2014 at  09:51

    Group still keeps their sexuality under wraps Full Story

    TAGS: Cote dIvoire, Gays, Haven, Africa, Hostile

  • Algeria on tenterhooks over Bouteflika decision

    By LAEED ZAGHLAMI in Algiers | Wednesday, February 5  2014 at  08:46

    Algerian president yet to announce bid as opposition founders Full Story

    TAGS: Algeria, Election, Bouteflika, April 17

  • General's murder highlights fragile Egypt security

    By JAY DESHMUKH | Wednesday, January 29  2014 at  15:29

    Up to 13 policemen, 4 soldiers have been killed since Thursday Full Story

    TAGS: Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, Mohamed Morsi, Muslim Brotherhood, Arab Spring, Egyptian Revolution

  • Egypt back to square one as army returns to politics

    By AFP | Tuesday, January 28  2014 at  16:34

    Field Marshall Abdel Fattah al-Sisi goes into an election he is expected to win Full Story

    TAGS: Egypt, Morsy, Mubarak, Al Sisi

  • South Sudan's unfinished business

    By FRED OLUOCH | Thursday, January 23  2014 at  14:51

    Deep-seated differences that fomented the ongoing crisis Full Story

    TAGS: South Sudan, crisis, Salva Kiir, SPLM, Dinka, military, DDR

  • As Kiir makes war gains, appetite for peace talks begins to wane

    By DANIEL K. KALINAKI | Monday, January 20  2014 at  15:13

    A deal likely to end war but not deliver peace Full Story

    TAGS: Kiir, South Sudan, Machar, IGAD, Sudan People’s Liberation Army/Movement

  • Which way ahead for post-Mandela ANC?

    By FRED OLUOCH | Friday, January 17  2014 at  13:12

    Country's liberation party goes into an election this year Full Story

    TAGS: Mandela, Death, ANC, Zuma, Election

  • Conflict minerals ban in the Great Lakes region gets stronger

    By IPS | Friday, January 10  2014 at  14:22

    Global supply chains will have to be free of minerals used to fund violence Full Story

    TAGS: Great Lakes, minerals, ban

  • Children the new targets in Central Africa's conflict

    By AFP | Saturday, January 4  2014 at  13:35

    Many killed for faith reasons Full Story

    TAGS: CAR, Conflict, Killing, Children

  • Egypt's rocky road back to normalcy

    By FRED OLUOCH | Tuesday, December 24  2013 at  14:00

    Can reconciliation be achieved without participation of the Muslim Brotherhood? Full Story

    TAGS: Mohammed Morsy, Muslim Brotherhood, Adly Mansour, Egypt, referendum, draft constitution