Festival of turning of bones’

Part of Famadihana celebrations. Photo | FILE 

For two months, Madagascar observes a spiritual festival in honour of their dead, usually known as Famadihana Festival.

According to cultural records, the tradition that involves 'turning of the bones' dates back to about the 17th century and takes place throughout Madagascar.

Simply put, its the event when dry bones of the departed are accorded final respects, many years after they died.

Music and dance

The send-off involves traditional dance and musical performances by the families in celebration of their loved ones' souls as they finally join their ancestors in the afterlife. Visitors are welcome to view the rituals of reburying the dead and celebrate alongside the families.

Date: June 1 -July 31, 2011
Venue: Antananarivo, Madagascar

Source: www.joobili.com

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