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    Why Africa needs to green its tourism

    Climate change presents new challenges to leading forex earner...

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    Things fall apart, Africa’s thieves lack all ambition

    Why Nigeria deserves to be Africa's leader...

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  • Things fall apart, Africa’s thieves lack all ambition

    By CHARLES ONYANGO-OBBO | Monday, April 21   2014 at  11:54

    Why Nigeria deserves to be Africa's leader Full Story

    TAGS: Uganda, Fake, HIV certificates, Ambition, Hackers, Nigerian criminals

  • Why the rich nations are stealing African doctors

    By JANET OTIENO-PROSPER | Wednesday, April 16   2014 at  11:37

    The medics are qualified, but conditions force them to be footloose Full Story

    TAGS: Doctors, Kenya, Janet Otieno, Satrine Osinya, operation, Kenya

  • Here’s how to defeat those who’ll kill innocent Kenyans

    By CHARLES ONYANGO-OBBO | Thursday, April 17   2014 at  11:17

    Museveni faced the same challenge Uhuru is confronted with today Full Story

    TAGS: Onyango obbo, blog, Kenya, terrorism, Somali, Mukura Massacre

  • Dlamini-Zuma could make Africa the best place for women

    By JANET OTIENO-PROSPER | Thursday, April 10   2014 at  10:55

    AU boss needs to push countries to close gender gap Full Story

    TAGS: Nkosazana Clarice Dlamini-Zuma, AU, Africa Union, Women, Janet Otieno Prosper

  • How systematic killing of Tutsis 20 years ago became a Kenyan affair

    By CHARLES ONYANGO-OBBO | Thursday, April 10   2014 at  11:06

    Rwanda’s accession to the EAC has its seeds in the genocide Full Story

    TAGS: Rwanda, Genocide, Kenya, Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi, EAC

  • Women have a key role in post conflict recovery

    By JANET OTIENO-PROSPER | Wednesday, March 26   2014 at  10:48

    There is an obvious link between resource management and peace Full Story

    TAGS: Janet Akinyi, blog, women, peace building, Africa, Unep, UNDP, Congo, Madagascar

  • Let our skies be full of drones carrying drugs

    By CHARLES ONYANGO-OBBO | Sunday, March 23   2014 at  16:38

    Cognitive Computing could be game changer for Africa Full Story

    TAGS: Charles Onyango obbo, blog, drones, Africa, insecucrity

  • Africa’s new breed of map makers, the terrorists

    By CHARLES ONYANGO-OBBO | Sunday, March 16   2014 at  15:10

    These are bloody-but exciting times on the continent Full Story

    TAGS: Africa, Terrorists, Maps, Drug Traffickers

  • Whistling wind can end Africa's perennial blackouts

    By JANET OTIENO-PROSPER | Wednesday, March 12   2014 at  16:16

    The continent has huge potential for alternative energy Full Story

    TAGS: Wind, Energy, Green growth, Blackouts, Africa

  • The problem with the 'Africa Rising' narrative

    By TREVOR ANALO | Monday, February 24   2014 at  15:57

    A single optimist narrative masks growing inequality in Africa Full Story

    TAGS: Africa Rising, CAR, BRICS, Afro-optimist, Afro-pessimist

  • A Danish lesson towards Africa's food security

    By JANET OTIENO-PROSPER | Wednesday, March 5   2014 at  11:07

    Motivate farmers then ensure no one goes to bed hungry Full Story

    TAGS: Agriculture, Food security, Africa, Denmark, IMS

  • You will arouse me in that miniskirt, this is Uganda

    By JANET OTIENO-PROSPER | Tuesday, February 25   2014 at  16:35

    Only perverts crave for women with short hemlines Full Story

    TAGS: Uganda gay bill, miniskirt ban, Yoweri Museveni, parliament

  • Make agriculture the in thing for African youth

    By JANET OTIENO-PROSPER | Wednesday, February 19   2014 at  09:38

    Agri-business no longer employment of last resort Full Story

    TAGS: Agriculture, Youth, Africa, Farming, Technology

  • ICC has two options: To change its ways or go under

    By MWENDA wa MICHENI | Friday, February 14   2014 at  09:11

    The international criminal court that Africa urgently needs Full Story

    TAGS: Mweda wa Micheni, ICC, Kenya case, Africa

  • Surprise! Surprise! Kenya’s political parties are becoming less polygamous

    By CHARLES ONYANGO-OBBO | Wednesday, February 12   2014 at  20:29

    The penalty for being in the opposition is low today, unlike in the days when Kanu ruled Full Story

    TAGS: Raila Odinga, Kenya, ODM, William Ruto, Uhuru Kenyatta, Moi

  • Why Nigerians will get even louder this year

    By LEE MWITI | Tuesday, February 11   2014 at  16:41

    The country is set for a huge economic lift Full Story

    TAGS: Nigeria, Rebase, GDP, Economy, Growth

  • The UN's Catch-22 situation in South Sudan

    By MACHEL AMOS in Juba | Tuesday, February 11   2014 at  10:10

    Mission caught up in crossfire between regime and rebels Full Story

    TAGS: South Sudan, UN, UNMISS, Riek Machar, Salva Kiir

  • Next time you're in Turkana, try understand what they got

    By MWENDA wa MICHENI | Friday, February 7   2014 at  08:34

    Why borrow architecturally when yours serves you even better ? Full Story

    TAGS: sex, porn, Africa, Mwenda wa Micheni, Kuona, Nomads

  • Being a rebel in Africa is no longer fun

    By LEE MWITI | Tuesday, February 4   2014 at  15:45

    Insurgents are finding the going rather hard Full Story

    TAGS: Africa, Rebel, M23, Mali, UN, Samba-Panza, Museveni, UN

  • Power sharing: The solution to South Sudan?

    By TREVOR ANALO | Monday, February 3   2014 at  09:17

    Unity government most likely outcome in the Addis peace talks Full Story

    TAGS: Juba, Addis peace talks, Salva Kiir, Riek Machar, Uhuru Kenyatta, Igad

  • Why do we deny Somaliland recognition?

    By LEE MWITI | Tuesday, January 28   2014 at  16:06

    Breakaway region is more viable than Somalia Full Story

    TAGS: Somaliland, Somalia, International Recognition

  • The standard gauge railway fight is a very African story: Here’s why

    By CHARLES ONYANGO-OBBO | Thursday, January 30   2014 at  11:23

    Infrastructure boom in the continent and politics Full Story

    TAGS: Kenya, Standard gauge railway, Africa, Infrastructure boom