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    Posted 16/8/2015

    The food of love and tamer of beasts, music seems also be the reliever of pain

    Research apparently suggests that the soothing sounds help make traumatic experiences way more...

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    Posted 16/8/2015

    China’s in trouble; is that good or bad for Africa?

    The continent needs a successful regional bloc that others can envy and emulate...

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  • This new political promiscuity makes me squirm

    By ELSIE EYAKUZE | Monday, August 3  2015 at  16:17

    The path towards individualisation of power Full Story

    TAGS: Chadema, CCM, Tanzania, politics, elections

  • An unpredictable election may just open up Tanzania

    By JENERALI ULIMWENGU | Saturday, August 1  2015 at  16:10

    Former prime minister takes a bold step of challenging the ruling monolith Full Story

    TAGS: CCM, Chadema, presidential election, corruption, Tanzania

  • To 'eat' or not to 'eat'; that is the big question corrupt Africa faces today

    By CHARLES ONYANGO-OBBO | Thursday, July 30  2015 at  15:19

    A mere 5pc of the continent's oil and coal export revenues will put electricity in every home Full Story

    TAGS: Corruption, Obama, Tour de France, investment, electricity

  • Tales from the ‘hotbed of terror’, and other silly stories

    By LARRY MADOWO | Tuesday, July 28  2015 at  14:16

    How terror scaremongering got a new name in Kenya Full Story

    TAGS: Larry Madowo, Obama visit, Lupita, CNN, Hotbed, terror

  • Did you hear about the Great Ebola Land Grab?

    By JENERALI ULIMWENGU | Sunday, July 26  2015 at  19:34

    Why you should expect a wave of mystery plagues Full Story

    TAGS: Jenerali Ulimwengu, Tanzania, Ebolo

  • So, what makes Africans happy? You’d be surprised

    By CHARLES ONYANGO-OBBO | Saturday, July 25  2015 at  18:28

    A continent's optimism that is not easily understandable Full Story

    TAGS: Charles Onyango obbo, Pew Research, Africa

  • An eye for an eye should tame chest-thumping South Africa

    By LARRY MADOWO | Wednesday, July 15  2015 at  10:42

    Pretoria subjects us to sheer pain to get a visa Full Story

    TAGS: Visa, South Africa, immigrants, tourism, xenophobia, immigration

  • A graft lesson from Tanzania

    By JANET OTIENO-PROSPER | Tuesday, July 14  2015 at  16:22

    Jail more Yonas and Mrambas for Africa to prosper Full Story

    TAGS: Corruption, Tanzania, jailed, ministers, convictions

  • Electoral season is on, logic is out of the window

    By JENERALI ULIMWENGU | Sunday, July 12  2015 at  13:52

    The pledge to fight corruption confirms the rot in Tanzania's system Full Story

    TAGS: Tanzania, election, candidate, Hitler, government

  • Will Somalis keep the peace in Burundi?

    By CHARLES ONYANGO OBBO | Monday, July 6  2015 at  09:30

    Treat other people well, you never know when you will need their generosity Full Story

    TAGS: Somalia, Burundi, Amisom, political crisis, Nkurunziza

  • Africa can now treat this disease that has no name

    By JANET OTIENO-PROSPER | Monday, July 6  2015 at  14:29

    Cyberknife technology is a big success in cancer treatment Full Story

    TAGS: Cancer, cyberknife, technology, tumour, treatment

  • Will feminism ever mean never having to say you're exceptional?

    By ELSIE EYAKUZE | Friday, July 3  2015 at  11:15

    Character and ability rather than gender should be the point Full Story

    TAGS: Feminism, women candidates, Obama, Kenyan sisters

  • Here’s how we can throw Cameron in a Nairobi jail

    By CHARLES ONYANGO-OBBO | Sunday, June 28  2015 at  18:42

    The day the world gets to fear Africa, those indictments will stop coming Full Story

    TAGS: Rwanda, Kagame, Karenzi Karake, The Hague, genocide, Darfur

  • Shame on South Africa; power to its civil society

    By L. MUTHONI WANYEKI | Sunday, June 21  2015 at  17:16

    It's hard to believe the ANC was once a liberation party Full Story

    TAGS: ICC, Omar al-Bashir, South Africa, ANC, court order

  • Finally they're (Americans) putting a woman on their dollar bill!

    By JENERALI ULIMWENGU | Saturday, June 20  2015 at  17:57

    I say Wilma Rudolph, what say you? Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks, Pocahontas? Full Story

    TAGS: Dollar bill, Wilma Rudolph, Pocahontas, slave, women

  • Is West doing enough to stop youths from turning into mass murderers?

    By MUTUMA MATHIU | Friday, June 19  2015 at  10:29

    Reports indicate there are more than 50 Britons who have joined Al-Shabaab Full Story

    TAGS: Al-Shabaab, Egypt, son, Britain, Mpeketoni

  • How not to fight terror, Nigerian/Kenyan style

    By L. MUTHONI WANYEKI | Monday, June 8  2015 at  12:24

    Torture generates grievance and resentement Full Story

    TAGS: Boko Haram, counterterrorism, torture, military, screening

  • Lesson of Fifa and Blatter’s woes: scrap World Cups and Olympics

    By CHARLES ONYANGO-OBBO | Thursday, June 4  2015 at  13:09

    The cash cow has to all intents and purposes become a useless thing Full Story

    TAGS: Blatter, Fifa, Blatter, Laurent Gbagbo

  • Africa is not working, let’s break it up

    By LARRY MADOWO | Tuesday, June 2  2015 at  12:15

    People are leaving in droves because this experiment in continent-making is broken Full Story

    TAGS: Africa Day, broken, Burundi, Green card, visa, Mediterranean

  • Why not form League of Retired Presidents for East Africa?

    By JOACHIM BUWEMBO | Sunday, May 17  2015 at  17:54

    We could share them around to lend weight to worthy causes Full Story

    TAGS: Retired presidents, leaguem Makerere, Kibaki, Mwinyi, State House

  • Looking again at the failed coup against Nkurunziza, it tells us a lot

    By CHARLES ONYANGO OBBO | Thursday, May 21  2015 at  11:45

    Opportunities for former politicians and presidents are shrinking Full Story

    TAGS: Charles Onyango obbo, blog, Pierre Nkurunziza, Burundi, coup

  • Xenophobia is a construct of small minds

    By SUNNY BINDRA | Sunday, May 3  2015 at  14:19

    Sometimes the perpetrators could be given exactly what they want. It would be a delight to watch their economies regress Full Story

    TAGS: South Africa, Xenophobia, economy, Lee Kuan Yew

  • Burundi aside, it seems voters don’t want change

    By CHARLES ONYANGO OBBO | Monday, May 11  2015 at  10:44

    They want to keep things as they are; it is a status quo generation Full Story

    TAGS: Pierre Nkurunziza, Burundi, Paul Kagame

  • Never mind soccer, Pierre, find a way to stand down

    By L. MUTHONI WANYEKI | Sunday, May 3  2015 at  15:09

    This is the time for the president to think carefully about his legacy Full Story

    TAGS: Burundi, Pierre Nkurunziza, protests, army, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp

  • Implement policies that address Africa’s multifaceted problems

    By MAGGIE KIGOZI | Monday, April 27  2015 at  13:13

    What South Africa must do to arrest wave of violence Full Story

    TAGS: South Africa, Zulu, King Goodwill Zwelithini, AMwA, Ebola

  • The sacrifices Africa made to create the new South Africa

    By MUMBI Z. NGUGI | Wednesday, April 22  2015 at  11:15

    Why rainbow nation must redefine who they are vis-à-vis the rest of the continent Full Story

    TAGS: South Africa, xenophobia, African immigrants

  • Nairobi-Dar squabbles: EAC isn’t a vote catcher

    By CHARLES ONYANGO-OBBO | Saturday, March 21  2015 at  17:08

    Tanzania seems to want the soft, political, and economic benefits of integration without having to integrate Full Story

    TAGS: Kenya, Charles Onyango-Obbo, Tanzania, Kenya Airways, KQ, flights, Nairobi, Dar es Salaam, Rwanda

  • Asking Kenya Airways to divert a flight was the height of arrogance

    By GODWIN MURUNGA | Saturday, March 21  2015 at  14:28

    There are many stories of African presidents and their families literally abusing national airlines Full Story

    TAGS: Kenya Airways, MPs, Museveni, Uganda, Sankara, Compaore

  • Corruption in Africa more widespread than acknowledged

    By CHARLES ONYANGO-OBBO | Thursday, February 26  2015 at  14:54

    Graft cases breaking abroad indicate the thieving is more democratic than we had thought Full Story

    TAGS: Corruption, chicken, Kenya, Angola, Daily Nation, HSBC, Smith & Ouzman, bribes

  • Must you wear a nightie?

    By FAUSTIN MUGABE in Kampala | Sunday, February 15  2015 at  12:31

    No common stand on bedroom dress code Full Story

    TAGS: Nightdress, bedroom, Kampala, Entebbe, Gaetano Kagwa, Bebe Cool

  • Why a black Davos won’t happen till Big Men sit out

    By CHARLES ONYANGO-OBBO | Monday, January 26  2015 at  10:49

    The mix of big government and private sector experience is good stuff Full Story

    TAGS: Davos, World Economic Forum, AfDB, Africa, presidents

  • As a life-long secularist, I was surprised by how offensive I found the Charlie cartoons

    By ELSIE EYAKUZE | Monday, January 19  2015 at  11:08

    Sometimes it pays to be a bigot; to my great shame I am one Full Story

    TAGS: Charlie Hebdo, media, satirists, bigot, secular, Islamism

  • Finally, East Africa has begun to smell the coffee

    By CHARLES ONYANGO OBBO | Monday, January 12  2015 at  09:32

    Why the continent needs war among her growing brands Full Story

    TAGS: Onyango obbo, blog, East Africa, Ethiopia

  • Why are youth joining violent extremist groups?

    By L. MUTHONI WANYEKI | Tuesday, January 6  2015 at  15:03

    When movements and mainstream politics fail to inspire Full Story

    TAGS: Malaysia, aeroplanes, Palestine, Israel, impunity, ISIS, Muslims

  • Barking Kenyans, begging Tanzanians

    By JENERALI ULIMWENGU | Monday, January 5  2015 at  13:49

    When is politeness not good for you? Full Story

    TAGS: Civility, Kenyans, Tanzanians, restaurant, Ndugu, Nairoberry

  • The epic Ethiopia-Kenya athletics rivalry enters 2015

    By CHARLES ONYANGO-OBBO | Thursday, January 1  2015 at  13:49

    Kenyans are used to winning, but have yet to register a star of Haile Gebrselassie's stature Full Story

    TAGS: Athletics, Haile Gebrselassie, Kipchoge Keino, marathon, distance running

  • Here are 14 of the most important (or not) things that happened in 2014!

    By ELSIE EYAKUZE | Monday, December 29  2014 at  09:36

    Not forgetting Grace Mugabe's sexually transmitted power..... Full Story

    TAGS: Tanzania, Robert Mugabe, Pope Francis, Hollywood, Cuba

  • A toast to journalists spending Christmas in prison

    By JANET OTIENO-PROSPER | Wednesday, December 24  2014 at  19:26

    Profession certainly not for the faint-hearted Full Story

    TAGS: Christmas, journalists, CPJ, Peter Greste, Mohamed Fadel Fahmy, Baher Mohamed

  • These are the real enemies of Africa; ignorant do-gooders

    By RASNA WARAH | Monday, December 22  2014 at  16:02

    Why many people, not least Africans, are very disgusted Full Story

    TAGS: Bob Geldof, Rasan warah, blog, Africa, we are the world campaign

  • How the intelligentsia created Mugabe

    By TEE NGUGI | Saturday, December 20  2014 at  15:22

    Sadly, many African intellectuals presented the Zimbabwe regime as a counterpoint to Mandela’s ‘capitulation’ Full Story

    TAGS: Zimbabwe, Mugabe, Mandela, Henri Lopes, Tony Blair

  • Africa forgot its adolescents in the fight against HIV/Aids

    By JANET OTIENO-PROSPER | Thursday, November 27  2014 at  16:47

    UN report puts a damper on the strides made to combat the scourge Full Story

    TAGS: HIV/Aids, youth, WHO, sex, drugs, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa

  • Does Bob Geldof know we are in the 21st century?

    By ELSIE EYAKUZE | Tuesday, November 25  2014 at  18:16

    When the noble-hearted rock star skipped the research and lost the plot Full Story

    TAGS: Band Aid, Bob Geldof, Ebola, song, offensive

  • Political comedy to determine the fate of Zimbabwe

    By MUTUMA MATHIU | Friday, November 14  2014 at  16:12

    Mugabe could carry out a 'bedroom coup' and install his wife Grace as president Full Story

    TAGS: Zimbabwe, Mugabe, Grace Mugabe, Zanu-PF, Joice Mujuru

  • Why didn't Blaise Compaoré end up like Muammar Gaddafi?

    By CHARLES ONYANGO-OBBO | Thursday, November 6  2014 at  16:55

    Dictators have become beneficiaries of the democracy they despise Full Story

    TAGS: Blaise Compaore, Burkina Faso, democracy, autocrats, Thomas Sankara

  • Presidents stay in power to stay out of the traffic

    By CHARLES ONYANGO-OBBO | Sunday, November 2  2014 at  17:17

    New set of expectations driving continent’s army of young people into action Full Story

    TAGS: Charles Onyango-Obbo, blog, Mail&Guardian, Compaore

  • A regional force: Are soldiers making a political federation?

    By CHARLES ONYANGO-OBBO | Thursday, September 11  2014 at  11:14

    How the military is getting more autonomy and ability to purse pan-regionalism Full Story

    TAGS: East Africa Standby Force, Kenya, security

  • High time women became Catholic priests

    By TUMUSIIME K. DEO | Wednesday, September 3  2014 at  12:23

    We ought to correct all the historical inconsistencies that have no scientific explanation or logical social backing Full Story

    TAGS: Women, Catholic, Church, Tumusiime K. Deo, Pope Francis, Uganda

  • Praise-singing for Moi in the media smacks of hypocrisy

    By OTIENO OTIENO | Sunday, September 7  2014 at  13:13

    Every adult Kenyan of sound mind knows it is too late to launder the former president's 24-year reign Full Story

    TAGS: Kenya, Moi, birthday, Uhuru Kenyatta, William Ruto, Wangari Maathai

  • An unexpected political lesson about Africa from a quiet corner of Nairobi

    By CHARLES ONYANGO-OBBO | Thursday, September 4  2014 at  10:52

    Here, you can't be sure your country won't explode tomorrow Full Story

    TAGS: Onyango obbo, blog, Africa, insecurity, instability

  • Why beauty contests won’t make Ugandan army look good

    By CHARLES ONYANGO-OBBO | Monday, August 25  2014 at  10:31

    A funny but complicated story Full Story

    TAGS: Onyango obbo, Uganda, army, Museveni, beauty contests

  • Feeling like an idiot in Lagos: The Ebola blues

    By CHARLES OYANGO-OBBO | Sunday, August 17  2014 at  16:21

    What fear of death can do to the best of us Full Story

    TAGS: Onyango obbo, blog, Ebola, Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan

  • Shame on those hunting and killing albinos; they are not wild animals

    By JANET OTIENO-PROSPER | Wednesday, August 20  2014 at  15:25

    The Tanzanian syndicates involved in this evil must be totally destroyed Full Story

    TAGS: Albinos, Tanzania, poaching, body parts, witchdoctors

  • Love the hair, girlfriend, but how many workers’ salaries did it cost?

    By ELSIE EYAKUZE | Sunday, August 10  2014 at  17:19

    Cameroon First Lady's orange pompadour has set the world talking Full Story

    TAGS: Chantal Biya, First Lady, Francophone, style, coiffure

  • Here's why Africa needs to sing about climate change adaptation

    By JANET OTIENO-PROSPER | Wednesday, August 13  2014 at  14:45

    The health of our ecosystems as well as our agriculture depends on it Full Story

    TAGS: Africa, climate change, environment, Unep

  • Why Ebola has avoided some places, plus other stories....

    By CHARLES ONYANGO-OBBO | Thursday, August 7  2014 at  13:12

    Strange viruses are likely to emerge from forests the faster we cut them Full Story

    TAGS: Ebola, mountain gorillas, forests, bush meat, experimental drug

  • EA infrastructure race: Trio opening up big lead

    By CHARLES ONYANGO-OBBO | Sunday, August 3  2014 at  18:48

    Though sometimes messy, Kenya is absolutely inescapable Full Story

    TAGS: Obbo blog, Infrastructure, Kenya, East Africa

  • The suffering people of South Sudan have been abandoned

    By TONGUN LO LOYUONG | Friday, August 1  2014 at  17:46

    The international community has not done enough to save the situation Full Story

    TAGS: South Sudan, famine, donors, conflict

  • Hate speech’s terrible, but even then let the people speak out

    By CHARLES ONYANGO-OBBO | Thursday, July 31  2014 at  11:26

    Depressing conversations that African communities must have now Full Story

    TAGS: Onyango obbo, hate speech, freedom of speech, censorship

  • Okwiri wins Caine Prize: We don’t read – is there a good reason for it?

    By CHARLES ONYANGO-OBBO | Thursday, July 17  2014 at  11:51

    Ours might just be grand strategic ignorance Full Story

    TAGS: Charles Onyango-Obbo, Okwiri Oduor, Caine Prize, Binyavanga Wainaina, Harry Potter, Kenya

  • Conservation lessons from Rwanda

    By JANET OTIENO-PROSPER | Wednesday, July 9  2014 at  18:58

    Neglect the environment and your economic future is doomed Full Story

    TAGS: Rwanda, conservation, genocide, Kagame, Virunga, gorilla

  • Revenue-sharing in the mist: Gorillas and SCT

    By CHARLES ONYANGO OBBO | Monday, July 7  2014 at  14:24

    They fight and quarrel about everything else but easily agree on the primates Full Story

    TAGS: Rwanda, Mountain Gorilla, Kwita Izina, naming ceremony, Charles Onyango Obbo

  • Murdering football fans is no longer an own goal?

    By | Sunday, June 22  2014 at  14:44

    The World Cup season is changing African politics Full Story

    TAGS: World Cup, Charles Onyango-Obbo, Nigeria, Mpeketoni, boko, Haram, Real Madrid

  • The rich should have more children

    By GRACE OPIRO | Tuesday, June 17  2014 at  10:46

    The wealthy have what it takes to bring forth a quality population Full Story

    TAGS: Uganda, population, children, campaigns

  • What a political week in Kenya!

    By CHARLES ONYANGO-OBBO | Wednesday, June 4  2014 at  20:48

    As usual, no one was better off for it Full Story

    TAGS: Kenya, Charles Onyango-Obbo, Raila Odinga, Uhuru Kenyatta, malaria, politics

  • In Africa, money is bringing health, happiness and (delayed) sex

    By NATALIE WINDER ROSSI | Monday, June 2  2014 at  12:34

    When dividends of growing economies finally show up Full Story

    TAGS: Unicef, cash transfer, quality of life, early pregnancies

  • Do Africans need elections, democracy or just some stability?

    By MWENDA wa MICHENI | Friday, May 30  2014 at  09:21

    The Chinese and even Japanese conduct it their way and it is okay Full Story

    TAGS: Elections, Malawi, South Africa, Guinea Bissau, Egypt, Joyce Banda

  • The African tourist has money but is a strange creature

    By CHARLES ONYANGO-OBBO | Thursday, May 22  2014 at  10:22

    Visitors from within the continent have different tastes from those of their counterparts from the West Full Story

    TAGS: Kenya, Uhuru, tourists, China, travel advisories, terrorist attacks

  • Zuma’s dancing prowess intact as credibility wears thin

    By CHARLES OMONDI in Johannesburg | Wednesday, May 7  2014 at  14:14

    A matter of playing to public gallery and political adeptness Full Story

    TAGS: South Africa, Jacob, ANC, Julius Malema

  • I hate to say this: Only the UN, AU can save South Sudan

    By CHARLES ONYANGO-OBBO | Wednesday, May 7  2014 at  14:46

    Only a neutral authority has a chance of saving and restoring the country Full Story

    TAGS: Charles Onyango Obbo, South Sudan, Kiir, rebels, Kerry

  • No longer at ease: War, terror stalking region

    By CHARLES ONYANGO-OBBO | Monday, April 28  2014 at  12:55

    Complications in East Africa's security situation today Full Story

    TAGS: Charles Onyango Obbo, blog, Eastern Africa Standby Force, terrorism, Al Shabaab

  • The African cake is growing but don't tell that to the poor

    By MWENDA wa MICHENI | Wednesday, April 23  2014 at  16:35

    A case of how not to invest in a people's economy Full Story

    TAGS: Economy, South Africa, Jacob Zuma, Hellen Zille, resources, Mwenda wa Micheni