Egypt Islamists rally for President Morsy

An Egyptian protester enveloped in tear gas near Tahrir Square in Cairo, November 27, 2012. PHOTO | AFP 

Islamist backers of Egypt's President Mohammed Morsy are holding mass rallies to support his sweeping new powers and the drafting of a constitution.

The demonstrations in Cairo come after days of rival protests by supporters and opponents of the president.

His opponents are angry that the draft constitution was hastily passed by an Islamist-dominated assembly on Friday.

The assembly acted before Egypt's top court could meet to rule on whether the body of MPs should be dissolved.

Senior judges have been in a stand-off with the president since he granted himself sweeping new powers last week.

'God's law'

Thousands of supporters of Mr Morsy, carrying flags and portraits of the president, gathered outside Cairo university on Saturday.

"The people support the president's decision!" they chanted, while a banner read: "The people want the implementation of God's law."

Riot police stood by, with roadblocks erected to contain crowds.

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