DR Congo soldiers shoot Zambian

Zambia - DR Congo border
Zambia - DR Congo border.  FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP

A Zambian was Saturday shot and wounded when neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo(DRC) nationals ran amok at Mokambo border north of the capital Lusaka over the death a 17-year-old boy from that country, state media reported Monday.

The state owned Times of Zambia reported that irate nationals rioted when word went round that the boy they were about to bury was bewitched by his Congolese parents, who stay in Zambia.

"In the ensuing confusion, 23-year-old Frederick Mwandwe was shot and wounded in the border town by DRC security officers," it reported.

"This came to light when Mufulira District Commissioner Beatrice Mithi informed Home Affairs deputy minister Stephen Kampyongo, who was in the company of Copperbelt Police chief Mary Tembo during a visit to Mokambo border on Saturday."

The Congolese forcibly entered Zambia in an attempt to leave the body of the boy who died on Friday, the paper reported.

The paper said the Congolese ran amok when word went round that the boy was allegedly bewitched by his parents.
In the fracas, Mr Mwandwe of Zambia Township in Mufulira was shot and wounded by DRC security officials, it said.

Ms Tembo said police officers were dispatched to the DRC side of Mokambo to assist the injured Mr Mwandwe get back home, but they were denied entry by their counterparts.

Incident of similar nature between Zambia and DRC are becoming common although they rarely affect diplomatic relations.

A few months ago a Zambian trucker was killed by a mob and DRC soldiers have frequently been allegedly been harassing Zambians.

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