Egypt's ousted president faces espionage, jailbreak charges

A demonstrator raises up a portrait of deposed Egyptian president Mohamed Morsy on July 19, 2013. PHOTO | AFP 

A top Egyptian court has ordered the detention of ousted President Mohamed Morsy for 15 days for investigations over such charges as spying and jailbreak, official media reported Friday.

According to state-run MENA news agency, charges against Morsi include spying for the Palestinian Islamic Hamas movement; while official al-Ahram online said Morsi is also accused of "escaping from escaping from Wadi El Natron prison and destroying the prison 's official records as well as the intentional killing of officers and some prisoners."

Mr Morsy was ousted by the military on July 3 after he failed to respond positively to the demands of millions of protesters who were unsatisfied with his rule since he was elected a year ago.

As the news emerged, mass rallies organized by both pro- and anti-Morsi demonstrators on Friday are underway in major Egyptian cities.

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