Kagame tells Harvard Rwanda's success story

Rwandan President Paul Kagame. FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

Rwanda has lifted one million people from poverty in the past five years, President Paul Kagame has disclosed.

Speaking to students of economics at Harvard Business School in Boston last week, President Kagame said his country had now moved from surviving to living.

“When you are living, there are demands, we want dignity,” he said.

Addressing the famous Professor Porter’s class, President Kagame said the people of Rwanda know what they want and how to get it, they don't need anybody to hold their hands and say I must deliver you there.

The Rwandan President said at some point, one must say it is my hand and I must move on my own.

“I don't see anybody who can give lessons to Rwandans. When we will have problems, we will look each other in the eye and we will agree how to move forward.”

He said nothing had ever come to Rwanda on a silver platter, the country struggled for everything.

“Eighteen years ago, dogs were eating corpses of hundreds of thousands of people on the streets. That is where we have come from,” he said.

President Kagame added that today, the problems remaining were good problems.

The people of Rwanda are now worried about transition and not survival, about life and death they have left that behind, he said.

He told the students that Rwanda's transformation was a reflection of people who were shaping their future and believing in their ability to govern themselves.

People in Rwanda, President Kagame went on, cannot afford to waste any opportunity and for them, every day is a search for what is it that will make a difference for their country.

The President also presented a paper titled; “Rwanda: National Economic Transformation.”

The document captures Rwanda’s economy from 13th century, through the colonial times, to date.

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