Ugandan gay activist murderer sentenced to 30 years By JOHNSON MAYAMBA | Thursday, November 10   2011 at  14:07

Sidney Nsubuga Enoch admitted to murdering Ugandan gay rights activist David Kato and has been sentenced to 30 years imprisonment for the crime. Photo | JOHNSON MAYAMBA  

A Ugandan court has handed a 30-year sentence to a man accused of murdering gay rights activist David Kato in January this year.

Sidney Nsubuga Enoch, 22, committed the crime after Kato repeatedly made sexual advances him, according to the prosecution evidence.

The body of the deceased was discovered in a house by one Kizza Akram, who had earlier left the duo together.

The hunt for Nsubuga culminated in his arrest when he was spotted by residents in Mukono district, who alerted the police. He was arrested after which he admitted to the murder charges brought against him.

Efforts to reach leaders of Uganda’s gay community were futile as they are said to be out of the country to receive a special award recognising them for their struggle in the fight for gay rights in Uganda.

Kato’s death was condemned by both local and international human rights bodies including United States President Barack Obama, who said it was an abuse of fundamental human rights.

The rights bodies called upon the government to investigate the cause of his death and speak out against homophobia towards the gay community in the country.

The police have issued a statement to the effect that Kato’s killing was in no way related to his campaign for gay rights.

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