Liberia: Canadian investor claims life in danger for exposing corruption

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A Canadian investor, who recently published a book exposing high-level corruption in the Liberian government, says his life is in danger.

Speaking to reporters in Monrovia, the nation’s capital, Mr Len Lindstrom said he has received threatening calls from unknown people since launching his book "Corruption 101-Liberia Style" on Sunday.

Mr Lindstrom is the president and CEO of Canadian-based Liberty International Mineral Corporation which opened its Liberia operation in 2004.

He said his company at the time paid almost $1,500,000 in license fees to the Liberian government.

His 618-page expose details high-level government corruption and bribery in the Liberian resource sector.

As reported in a local daily the Liberian Observer, Mr Lindstrom’s book focuses on key events, facts and laws pertaining to the case Liberty vs Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy and the Government of Liberia.

Irregular licences

The daily goes on to say that the book “…details Liberty’s fight for justice in the midst of gross corruption, extortion, economic sabotage, and violation of court injunctions through bought-off lawyers, tampering with official court records, and repeated flagrant assaults against the sanctity of the courts of Liberia.”

Mr Lindstrom says despite the court's ruling that the actions of the Mines ministry were "illegal, irregular, improper and unlawful", the ministry is yet to restore Liberty’s licence.

The investor says the government illegally terminated the company’s licences, irregularly issued its licensed territories to third parties and expropriated its properties. This compelled him to sue the government.

He said Liberty has employed 24 geologists including those seconded by the government, employed 300 workers and discovered 17 high potential mineral deposits only for the government to unduly terminate his licence.

Mr Lindstrom says he will not be deterred by the threats, and that he will remain in Liberia until justice is done.

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