Senegal clergy unite in anti-gay crusade

Senegal's President Macky Sall. PHOTO | FILE 

A Catholic Church bishop in Senegal Theodore Adrien Sarr has joined the Islamic clerics in denouncing attempts by the state to legalise homosexuality.

He said; “when the laws of man defy the laws of nature and the divine order, man inevitably ends up finding himself tangled in absurdity”.

The bishop expressed doubts whether the Senegalese society would continue to resist homosexuality for a long time, given the fact that France had legalised it.

Bishop Sarr urged Senegalese youths to refrain from copying foreign lifestyles and "maintain the positive African norms and culture at all times".

The bishop made the statement during the 125th anniversary of the Church’s pilgrimage to the holy city of Popenguine on Pentecost day Monday, which was attended by the leaders of the majority Muslim community.

Every year, Christian and Muslim leaders attend each other’s annual pilgrimages in a show of solidarity for religious tolerance within the framework of the Islamic-Christian dialogue set up nearly two decades ago.

Bishop Sarr’s comments were in direct response to and support of a leading Islamic leader’s recent condemnation of homosexuality.

Imam Massamba Diop urged President Macky Sall to publicly declare his view on the issue.

The Imam's remarks stemmed from a newspaper report that the lawmakers could be drafting a Bill to decriminalise homosexuality.

Imam Diop said; “it was time that the leaders of this country came out clear on this (homosexuality) question before it is late”.

Following that request, President Sall denied knowledge of the said Bill.

Mr Moustapha Diakhité, the House Leader of the ruling presidential majority denied the allegation, saying that “an eventual decriminalisation of homosexuality was not yet on the House agenda”.

President Sall subsequently commented that homosexuality would not be condoned in Senegal as long as he remained head of state.

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