South African 'serial rapist' Sifiso Makhubo found dead By BBC | Thursday, July 25  2013 at  17:53

Tunisian protesters hold slogans during a demonstration to protest over the violence against women in Tunis on September 29, 2012. A feared South African 'serial rapist' has been found dead in his cell. FILE PHOTO  AFP

A man accused of being one of South Africa's worst serial rapists, Sifiso Makhubo, has been found dead in his prison cell, officials say.

Sifiso Makhubo, who faced 122 charges, including murder, rape and assault, was found hanged with a blanket.

Some charges relate to allegations he infected his victims with HIV.

South Africa has one of the highest rates of sexual violence in the world, with police figures showing that 64,000 cases were reported last year.

The authorities say he was alone in the cell but they are investigating the circumstances of his death.

Mr Makhubo is accused of raping 35 children and two women between January 2006 and February 2011.

So far 33 DNA samples from evidence collected from the victims had been a match with the alleged rapist, reports say.

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