Tunisia in campaign to persuade women to vote

A Tunisian woman joins in a protest. A media campaign to encourage more women to vote has been launched in North African country. Photo | AFP 

In a bid to encourage more women to vote in the fourthcoming Constituent Assembly elections, Tunisia has launched a nationwide campaign.

The media campaign to run from Oct. 1 to 20 is an initiative of the ministry of women's affairs and is airing on radio and television spots, plus on posters.

The campaign was officially launched by the minister of women's affairs, Lilia Laabidi, who encouraged women to take part in political life and assert their presence in the Constituent Assembly to be held October 23.

Groups of young people will also help raise awareness among women on the election, the government press agency TAP said.

Women empowerment

In spite of the decision to impose gender parity within the Constituent Assembly, the rate of women who registered for voting has not exceeded 20 per cent.

Recently, women organisations and NGOs have also launched an appeal to Tunisian women to be more assertive in political life in the North African country, which boasts one of the best records of women empowerment in the Arab world.


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