CAR President 'detains' son over unpaid hotel bill By BBC | Sunday, November 11   2012 at  12:13

Central African Republic President Francois Bozize.  FILE |NATION MEDIA GROUP

The president of Central African Republic is reported to have ordered the detention of his own son for refusing to pay a large hotel bill.

Police detained Francois Bozize's son for several days after he ran up a bill of up to $15,000 at a hotel in the capital, reports said.

The bills include the cost of the room at the five-star Ledger Plaza hotel in Bangui, as well as meals and services.

Mr Kevin Bozize is reported to have been held since early last week.

Both the head of the hotel and the president's son were initially detained when Kevin refused to pay the bill.

"Having been informed of the situation, his father summoned both of them and in front of the manager he [Kevin] confirmed that he stayed at the hotel and said he paid all the bills," an anonymous source said.

"Both he and the manager were detained... but after the facts were verified, the manager was freed."

According to AFP, Mr Bozize's own son is one of several high-profile figures in the state who have amassed debts at the hotel.

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