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Conflict dynamics on Kenya’s troubled coast

The social, economic and political undercurrents

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'Exciting' drug flushes out HIVBy JAMES GALLAGHER | Wednesday, July 23  2014 at  10:52

HIV viruses emerging from a hijacked cell. PHOTO | BBC |

Scientists make major progress by forcing the lethal virus out of hiding

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The virus detective who discovered Ebola in 1976By ROB BROWN | Sunday, July 20  2014 at  17:29

Peter Piot and Sukato Mandzomba in Yambuku, February 2014. PHOTO | BBC |

Belgian scientist takes a journey back in history

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The tribulations of the statelessBy IRIN | Thursday, July 17  2014 at  17:22

Displaced and host families in Gasseré village on the border of Niger and Nigeria, wait for non-food items to be distributed by UNHCR on January 26, 2014. Their village, Gashakar, in Borno State, was attacked by Boko Haram militants on 18 January 18, causing 200 families to flee. PHOTO | IRIN |

Lack of official identification documents can block people's access to many services

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Malala's appeal for release of kidnapped Nigerian girlsBy JOHN SIMPSON | Monday, July 14  2014 at  11:45

Malala met Rebecca Samwell (left), whose daughter Sarah was abducted by Boko Haram. PHOTO | BBC |

Pakistani teenage activist says there is 'clear link' between poor education and political violence

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