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Djibouti dreams of being ‘new Dubai’

Plan is to capitalise on facility's key position as the gateway to the Suez canal

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Mauritania struggles to feed herselfBy MAMOUDOU LAMINE KANE and JENNIFER LAZUTA | Wednesday, May 27  2015 at  16:05

Carcasses dot the sandy landscape in southern Mauritania's Hodh El Chargui region, where a lack of rain has affected both wild vegetation growth and crops. PHOTO | IRIN |

Country's 1.3 million people face food insecurity this year

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Prisons ignoring the rights of Ivorian youth By ALEXIS ADELE | Tuesday, May 26  2015 at  14:50

The Holding and Corrections Prison of Abidjan (MACA) is home to more than 6,000 inmates, many of them children. PHOTO | ICRC |

Children suffer long detention spans inside congested adult setting

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Chinese dominance worries Nigeria's textile tradersBy | Sunday, May 24  2015 at  15:53

Cheap Chinese textile imports are a boon for Nigeria's consumers but traders say they have been disastrous for the industry. PHOTO | AFP |

A clash of interests

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