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Spain Melilla migrants: On a hill, in sight of Europe

On the other side, but where are the opportunies ?

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Too sick to campaign for a fourth termBy BBC | Wednesday, April 16  2014 at  09:28

Demonstrators from the Barakat (Enough) group at a rally against President Bouteflika. PHOTO | BBC. |

But Algeria's Abdelaziz Bouteflika is still likely to be re-elected

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Only woman in Algeria presidential race 'won't hold back'By AFP | Thursday, April 10  2014 at  10:29

Head of the Algerian Workers' Party Louisa Hanoune ahead of next month's presidential election on April 8, 2014 in Kolea, a town in Tipaza Province, northern Algeria. PHOTO | AFP. |

The 60-year-old leftist candidate

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How Nigeria will become Africa's biggest economyBy WILL ROSS and MATTHEW DAVIES | Saturday, April 5  2014 at  15:54

The mobile phone industry is now massive in Nigeria. Twenty-five years ago, it did not exist. PHOTO | BBC |

'Rebasing' GDP will push the country above South Africa's economy

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Bullet in the brain: Baby Satrine Osinya’s recoveryBy STELLA CHERONO | Friday, April 4  2014 at  12:29

An X-ray film shows a bullet lodged on 18-month-old boy Satrin Osinya (R), as he receives treatment at the Kenyatta National hospital Nairobi March 26, 2014 . FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP. |

How the little one and others have survived after scare

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Namibian legislator pushes for wife-swapping lawBy AFP | Thursday, April 3  2014 at  13:20


Swinging with an African touch or rape ?

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What police gang-rape case say about new TunisiaBy NAVEENA KOTTOOR | Wednesday, April 2  2014 at  12:18

Ms Meriem says her attackers handcuffed her boyfriend before assaulting her. PHOTO | BBC. |

A country's justice system on trial

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