Special Report

Can Ethiopia’s railway bring peace to Somalia?

By MARY HERPER | Monday, November 23   2015 at  14:55

When complete, the planned rail network will be 5,000km long

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No shortage of people willing to help the needy in Malawi

By CHARLES OMONDI | Friday, November 20   2015 at  11:08

Philanthropists come from all walks of life

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Cattle dying in South Africa as drought worsens

By PIERRE DONADIEU | Monday, November 16   2015 at  12:34

Farmers warn of a regional disaster if the prolonged El Nino dry spell persists

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Promised land? Rastafaris struggle in Ethiopia

By JUSTINE BOULO | Sunday, November 15   2015 at  13:21

A community that renounced their countries of origin remains stateless

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Al-Shabaab's loyalty split between Al-Qaeda and ISIS

By ABDULKADIR KHALIF in Mogadishu | Saturday, November 14   2015 at  13:50

Either way it's bad news for Amisom peacekeepers who want to pacify Somalia

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