Special Report

Rwanda looks to Tanzania for rail transport as Uganda falters on SGR

By ALLAN OLINGO | Saturday, April 30   2016 at  14:34

Series of meeting that could chage the region's infrastructural course

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South Sudan old rivals 'end war', again

By PETER MARTELL | Wednesday, April 27   2016 at  11:47

President welcomes rebel chief back to the fold

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When the ghosts of xenophobia visited Zambia

By MICHAEL CHAWE in Lusaka | Tuesday, April 26   2016 at  10:45

Locals vent anger on foreigners over alleged ritual killings

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United in grief: Mourning Papa Wemba

By BBC | Monday, April 25   2016 at  12:03

The passing of a legend

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Buhari plans another international trip despite criticism

By MOHAMMED MOMOH in Abuja | Saturday, April 23   2016 at  11:29

Nigerian leader to travel to the UK for anti-corruption talks

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