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What next for Botswana's only golden girl?

A country reflects on the future of arguably its top athlete

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How Nigeria turned Her Majesty's prison into a place of pleasureBy WILL ROSS | Monday, August 18   2014 at  15:56

The prison was built in 1882 before being revamped. PHOTO | BBC |

Lagosians inscribe a new joyful narrative on a colonial relic

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'My SMS relationship with Al-Shabaab'By MARY HARPER | Sunday, August 17   2014 at  16:02


They call, text, then call again to confirm

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Ethiopian civil society at the crossroadsBy MWENDA wa MICHENI | Friday, August 15   2014 at  14:49

A man walks past a portrait of the late Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, at the National Palace in Addis Ababa. A law passed in 2009 under the late premier's leadership has changed the way NGOs operate in the country. PHOTO | FILE |

A 2009 law that has transformed the country's NGO sector

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Putting Ethiopian delicacies on the tableBy ANDUALEM SISAY in Addis Ababa | Wednesday, August 13   2014 at  11:19

Ethiopia injera and saucy beef on the table. PHOTO | FILE |

Boosting indigenous food production to feed 91m people

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