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Tensions mount in Burundi ahead of elections

There are threats of violence and rumours of a pre-arranged hit-list

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Hunters breaking an Ebola ban on bushmeatBy MARK DOYLE | Tuesday, March 24  2015 at  10:51

Sierra Leone authorities have banned the hunting of game because they believe bushmeat helps spread the Ebola virus. The ban is not always observed. PHOTO | BBC |

In Sierra Leone, hunting of game is a thriving enterprise

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Secret Nigerian drinking dens in KanoBy LUCY FLEMING in Kano | Sunday, March 22  2015 at  14:10

A bar in Sabon Gari, Kano, Nigeria The bars open in the late afternoon - and start filling up after sunset. PHOTO | BBC |

Establishments selling alcohol are along a road in the Sabon Gari suburb

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Gangs threaten election peace in Nigeria's main cityBy BEN SIMON | Friday, March 20  2015 at  16:11

Policewomen help an injured women after violence broke out during a presidential campaign rally of Nigeria's main opposition All Progressives Congress in Lagos on January 30, 2015. PHOTO | AFP |

Oshodi market in Lagos is a bellwether of the tensions building up ahead of March 28

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Mali, where you can pay your tax with a ramBy ALEX DUVAL SMITH | Thursday, March 19  2015 at  15:01

Kani Sissoko and Adama Fofana working at the Bamako tax office. PHOTO | BBC |

You can also choose the tax rate you will pay

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