Special Report

GM malaria vaccine 'milestone'

By BBC | Thursday, January 5   2017 at  10:03

Tropical disease experts described the findings as "promising"

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With little opposition within, Kagame’s biggest worry will be external

By ROBERT MBARAGA | Wednesday, January 4   2017 at  14:46

Endorsement for the president has sometimes come from unusual quarters

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African govts adopt Internet shutdowns to quell crises in 2016

By NJIRAINI MUCHIRA | Thursday, December 29   2016 at  13:35

Eastern Africa countries are among the top violators of freedom of expression online.

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Despite support for AU chair, Amina's numbers fall short

By FRED OLUOCH | Thursday, December 29   2016 at  11:46

Kenya’s candidate Amina Mohamed needs support from West Africa.

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Gambians in a dilemma over fate of Jammeh

By KEMO CHAM in Freetown | Wednesday, December 21   2016 at  12:34

Making a choice between forgiveness and seeking justice

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Joseph Kabila: DR Congo's young, enigmatic leader

By MARC JOURDIER in Kinshasa | Tuesday, December 20   2016 at  18:11

President has cultivated an air of mystery about himself

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People of Kinshasa welcome back their postmen

By BIENVENU-MARIE BAKUMANYA in Kinshasa | Thursday, December 8   2016 at  11:31

DR Congo's Company for Posts and Telecommunications (SCPT) in Kinshasa. PHOTO | AFP

After 30 years of turmoil for the postal service in the Democratic Republic of Congo, letter carriers clad in smart canary yellow shirts have finally returned to the streets.

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