Special Report

Peace campaigns take centre stage in Ghana elections

By GABRIELLE LYNCH | Tuesday, December 6   2016 at  16:24

Country keen to maintain reputation as a peaceful state

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Adama Barrow: The Gambia's estate agent of change

By AFP | Friday, December 2   2016 at  19:50

Adama Barrow, a businessman is a political novice whose lack of baggage has endeared him to Gambians. PHOTO | AFP

Burly but soft-spoken, Barrow was thrust into the limelight following the jailing of top officials from the United Democratic Party (UDP) in July.

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Fidel Castro and his (many) women

By AFP | Tuesday, November 29   2016 at  17:10

Cuban revolutionary was a ladies man who fathered numerous children

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The commander behind Uganda's deadly palace invasion

By FREDERIC MUSISI in Kampala | Monday, November 28   2016 at  20:12

Operation against defiant king leaves at least 62 dead

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Algeria in the throes of residual terrorism and drugs trafficking

By LAEED ZAGHLAMI in Algiers | Thursday, November 24   2016 at  10:53

Securing vast borders no mean task

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It's Yahya Jammeh versus united opposition

By AFP | Tuesday, November 29   2016 at  10:11

Gambians go to the polls on Thursday

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