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Soweto: From bullets to BMWs

Symbol of change since country's landmark 1994 elections

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Central Africans nostalgic for bloody 'emperor' By JEAN PIERRE CAMPAGNE | Saturday, April 19  2014 at  18:06

Former emperor of the Central African Republic, Jean-Bedel Bokassa, in December 1986, during his trial at the law court of Bangui. PHOTO | AFP. |

Self-declared president for life and marshal of the army

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Paul Biya - Cameroon's absentee presidentBy YUH TIMCHIA in Yaoundé | Friday, April 18  2014 at  11:52

Paul Biya has been in power for the last 31 years. PHOTO | FILE |

His subjects have not seen him since he left for the EU-Africa summit in Europe

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Spain Melilla migrants: On a hill, in sight of EuropeBy TOM BURRIDGE | Wednesday, April 16  2014 at  14:09

Funwi Ebenezer is now in migration limbo like many others. PHOTO | BBC. |

On the other side, but where are the opportunies ?

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Too sick to campaign for a fourth termBy BBC | Wednesday, April 16  2014 at  09:28

Demonstrators from the Barakat (Enough) group at a rally against President Bouteflika. PHOTO | BBC. |

But Algeria's Abdelaziz Bouteflika is still likely to be re-elected

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