Special Report

Eyebrows raised over Zuma's ties to Indian business family

By SIBONGILE KHUMALO | Wednesday, February 10  2016 at  10:45

The immigrant Gupta family seems to have a magnetic pull on the South African president

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Egypt activists recall Mubarak ouster as a distant dream

By SAMER AL-ATRUSH in Cairo | Wednesday, February 10  2016 at  10:40

Memories, five years later

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Ready to return? Boko Haram displaced reluctant to go home

By PHIL HAZLEWOOD | Tuesday, February 9  2016 at  11:31

The insurgents are still active and remain a deadly force

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Scientists say Zika virus unlikely to spread in Africa

By CHRISTABEL LIGAMI | Monday, February 8  2016 at  11:30

Continent's population may have developed immunity to the Zika virus, researchers suggest

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