Special Report

Africa's music industry changes tempo to local beat

By | Friday, October 21   2016 at  10:43

Experiencing a growth streak that is forecast to continue

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The ‘divine curse’ that haunts Sierra Leone

By KEMO CHAM in Freetown | Tuesday, October 11   2016 at  10:44

Clergy wants Freetown to make up with Jewish state to avert misery

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Is Egypt's 'milestone' parliament a rubber stamp?

By MARAM MAZEN | Tuesday, October 11   2016 at  10:48

House performance on the spotlight

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Kenya tests extent of its African influence with bid for top AU job

By DANIEL K. KALINAKI | Friday, October 7   2016 at  15:56

Four main challenges that Ms Mohammed's candidature faces

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Tryst in the shack for $2

By PETER DUBE in Pretoria | Tuesday, October 4   2016 at  11:52

Commercial sex trade thrives in South African political capital

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In South Sudan, power flows from the barrel of a gun; this must change

By MAJAK D'AGOOT and REMEMBER MIAMINGI | Sunday, October 2   2016 at  14:04

Time Kiir and Machar gave way to new leadership

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