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Swaziland braces itself for AGOA exit

Disregard for Human Rights puts the county in trouble

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DR Congo's insect cuisine: nutritious and delicious By MARTHE BOSUANDOLE BULAMATARI | Monday, July 28   2014 at  10:06

A vendor holds white weevil larvae at Kinshasa's Gambela market on July 9, 2014. In Kinshasa's Gambela market shoppers can find insects for every occasion -- crushed, boiled or fried -- they are not only nutritious, but also have real gastronomic value. PHOTO | AFP |

Eating caterpillars and termites with a big spoon

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CAR: Where rumour and gossip can killBy ANDREW HARDING | Sunday, July 27   2014 at  11:52

There is, at some level, a pettiness to the conflict. PHOTO | BBC |

Score-settling and opportunistic attacks fuel the cycle of violence

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Thwarting Senegal’s cattle rustlers using mobile phonesBy FIONA GRAHAM | Friday, July 25   2014 at  15:41

Senegal's cows don't spend their days chewing the cud on a postage stamp of grass - they roam. PHOTO | BBC |

Technology offering practical solutions

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Conflict dynamics on Kenya’s troubled coastBy OBINNA AYADIKE | Thursday, July 24   2014 at  10:07

Police on patrol in the aftermath of the Mpeketoni attack. PHOTO | IRIN |

The social, economic and political undercurrents

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