Botswana sprinter's joy at Gebrselassie meeting

Botswana’s 200m sprinter Fanuel Kenosi will get a last dance with Ethiopian long distance superstar, Haile Gebrselassie, as G4S 4teen’s programme comes to an end this month.

Kenosi makes a trip to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for the second time later this month as he winds up the programme that he has benefited from since 2007.

The G4S 4teen programme's main mandate was to support 14 young athletes from various corners of the world, to qualify for big international events.

The sponsorship did not only involve assisting the athletes with physical training, but with other key skills like public speaking and media relations.

The G4S 4teen Botswana contact, Gwen Harry confirmed that the Ethiopian had invited Kenosi for the second time.

"As the programme comes to an end, Fanuel will be visiting Haile in Ethiopia to talk and learn a few things from him," she told Africa Review.

Kenosi is overjoyed to be going back to Addis Ababa for another date with his hero.

His first visit was in November 2009. The Ethiopian, who is G4S’s ambassador, had invited Kenosi and fellow G4S 4teen sprinter from Nigeria Obinna Metu to spend some time with him so they could train and learn.

The duo had the opportunity to train with Gebrselassie on the stunning Mount Entoto before taking part in a filming session for Trans World Sport.

The Ethiopian boasts of several Olympic medals and has brought to an end over 27 marathon world records.

“My first visit there was fantastic, how many people can say they have trained with Haile in those beautiful mountains and at the gym that he owns twice? It is really nice for me because he knows so much about modern training methods although he is not a sprinter like me,” Kenosi said.

In 2008, Kenosi spent 10 months training in Senegal under the G4S programme.

He is presently battling with a hamstring injury and had to pull out of the National Championships’ 200m relay three weeks ago despite qualifying for the finals.

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