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The Africa Review site is a digital news platform established by the Nation Media Group, Kenya, one of Africa's leading publicly listed media companies. The aim of Africa Review is to provide smart insights on African news and to examine important social and political trends in the continent. It is the African story told not just from an African perspective; but it is also a criticism of Africa's missteps from a tough African point of view. The site carries a large resource of material, with a vast range of topics, from breaking news to special reports, in depth country profiles and blogs. Elements of the Africa Review site that are of particular interest are Africa Illustrated – a caricatured account of African leaders, personalities and nations, the Arts and Culture page which provides continent wide insight into various festivals as well as cultural issues and the envisioned photography archive. The site should be of particular interest to individuals who have a scholarly, business, social or cultural interest in Africa. We are encouraging people with a point of view on Africa to participate by posting comments and their images of Africa.

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