Video shows musician Olomide assaulting woman

DR Congo musician Koffi Olomide. FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

A video showing Koffi Olomide, one of Africa’s most popular musicians, physically assaulting a woman at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi has gone viral.

The Congolese musician is seen kicking the woman, said to be a performer with his Quartier Latin band, in the presence of other passengers and the police after arriving at the airport.

Olomide is in Kenya for a performance this weekend.

Act of violence

Despite the act of violence, the police did not arrest the musician, popularly known as Grand Mopao or Mopao Mokonzi, and so far have not issued any statement.

According to the band members, Olomide overreacted after he was informed that the unidentified dancer had slapped his wife, Cindy, after a disagreement. Cindy is the CEO of the band.

The musician has a history of being involved in scuffles, especially with women. He was almost jailed in Zimbabwe for beating a fan.

In 2013, the Congolese rhumba star assaulted a freelance journalist at the upmarket Taj Pamodzi Hotel in Zambia during one of his shows.

Police dragnet

Two years earlier, he eluded a Zambian police dragnet and exited the southern African nation on a motorbike following differences with his promoters at the time.

In 2012, Olomide was given a three-month suspended prison sentence for assaulting his producer, Diego Lubaki, over a debt.

Olomide plays a kind of music known as soukous, in which dancers show aggressive erotic moves, and his music has been banned in some countries because of the raunchy performances.

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