Angola launches 2m people yellow fever vaccination


Angola Monday launched a yellow fever vaccination drive targeting 2,157,202 people in 10 provinces.
In August, the government conducted a similar campaign in 12 provinces.

According to a statement by the Health ministry, the campaign will run in two phases.

It is supported by the World Health Organisation (WHO), the United Nations Development Programme( UNDP), Unicef, the Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders.

High local risk

The first phase between Monday and Saturday will cover Benguela, Cuanza Sul, Cuanza Norte, Namibe, Cunene and Lunda Norte provinces with some 1,157,202 people targeted.

The second phase from Saturday will cover Bengo, Bié, Lunda Sul and Moxico provinces, with more than 1 million people targeted.

The new vaccination areas will only include priority municipalities with high local risk of transmission, the Health ministry pointed out in the statement, adding that some of the target areas border other countries.

According to WHO, the yellow fever cases in DR Congo were imported from Angola.

A population

Since February, 16 million have been vaccinated against yellow fever in Angola’s 73 municipalities.

Angolan has 162 municipalities spread along 18 provinces.

The southern African country has a population of 26 million.

The Red Cross in July launched a $1.4 million emergency appeal to fight the spread of yellow fever in Angola.

Zika virus

Angola was facing it's worst yellow fever outbreak in 30 years.

Up to 356 people have died in the country with more than 3,400 infected since late last year.

Yellow fever is spread by mosquitoes, usually the Aedes aegypti species, that also spread the Zika virus.

A vaccine can prevent infection, but there was no specific drugs treatment for those infected.

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