Woman No. 23 dead in Uganda mystery murders

A body of a woman was Wednesday morning found dumped in a banana farm in Mpala, near Kampala in what appears to be a continuation of mystery murders around the Ugandan capital.

The latest victim was identified as 22-year-old Sarah Nelima.

Her body was found lying a few metres from a police post, raising suspicion that she was murdered elsewhere.

The discovery of Ms Nelima’s body raised to 23 the victims of the killings, whose cause and perpetrators security agencies were yet to unravel.

The apparent lack of convincing answers from the security agencies have provoked a backlash from Ugandans, especially on social media.

Security agencies

Hash tags #notanotherwoman, #Entebbe and #Pray4Entebbe were trending Wednesday.

The discovery of Ms Nelima’s body came just a day after that of victim number 22, Ms Harriet Nantogo, 38, was found near Kasenyi landing site in the Entebbe area.

Ugandans were particularly angry that the security agencies had deployed heavily in Kampala, especially around Parliament and the Constitution Square, apparently to deter the anti-presidential age limit removal campaigners.

“May be the army should camp in Entebbe and Wakiso and protect residents,” twitted Grace Natabaalo.

Police chief

Mark Keith Muhumuza tweeted: “Army, police deploy “heavily” in Kampala over age limit debate as murder claims the life of Harriet Nantongo 38. Victim 22.”

Orphelia Kemigisa tweeted: “I hate how helpless I feel about Entebbe women murders.”

Security minister Henry Tumukunde and the police chief, Gen Kale Kayihura, have threatened to camp in Entebbe over the murders.

The police have reported making arrests, but the murders have continued.

Ritual reasons and love affairs gone sour have been cited as possible causes of the murders.

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