Biya convoy shooting saga guard in 'secret' detention

Cameroon's long-serving President Paul Biya. A guard suspected of shooting at his motorcade on December 23 is reportedly being detained at a secret location. FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP  NATION MEDIA GROUP

A guard who reportedly shot at Cameroon President Paul Biya’s convoy is being detained at a secret location, Agence de Presse Africaine (APA) has reported.

The motorcade was shot at as the President went home after presiding at the final of the football Cup of Cameroon on December 23, at the Ahmadou Ahidjo Stadium in Yaoundé.

A senior official of the elite unit, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the guard was being accused of attempting to take the long serving leader’s life, according to the agency.

His shots hit no human targets according to reports.

APA said another member of the presidential guard has dismissed the claims saying the suspect was adjusting his weapon when two shots accidentally went off into the air.

The detained guard, the colleague said, could not have aimed at the President because he could see his convoy from where he was positioned.

The incident comes at a time when a group of disgruntled president’s security detail calling itself the “Patriotic Soldiers,” was circulating leaflets claiming they and their families were living in misery.

They claim their superiors, who they want sacked, were engaged in profiteering and corruption and sent their children to the best schools in the world.

The group was also calling for the immediate and unconditional release of their comrades who have been detained for insubordination.

They also want soldiers who were removed from within the ranks of the presidential guard because of their solidarity with those in detention, to be reintegrated.

“If these demands are not met,” the “Patriotic Soldiers” threaten, “we won’t hesitate using our weapons, energies or the ultimate sacrifice to meet our legitimate demands and for the victory our people”.

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