Bubonic plague kills 31 in southern Madagascar

Bubonic plague has killed at least 31 people in Madagascar’s southern district of Befotaka Atsimo, official said.

“The victims are from two adjacent rural communes: 25 in one and six in another one,” said local lawmaker Col Maroriky.

The lawmaker said the affected areas were remote and prone to diseases and insecurity.

Persistent drought

Reports of a mysterious disease outbreak first emerged last week but it has now been confirmed as bubonic plague.

Bush fires, blamed on persistent drought, have reportedly driven disease carrying rodents into villages, where they have transmitted the disease to humans.

The outbreak has been aggravated by the poor local health infrastructure.

More drugs

Medical experts from the Health ministry and the Institut Pasteur de Madagascar in Antananarivo were deployed to the affected area on Monday.

However, the bad roads from the regional capital city of Vangaindrano were reportedly impeding access to the affected populations.

Mr Maroriky urged the government to supply more drugs to contain the outbreak.

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