DR Congo rebel chief missing from Uganda base

The leader of DR Congo M23 rebels, Brig Sultan Makenga, who reportedly went missing from a Uganda base on January 14, 2017. FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

The leader of DR Congo M23 rebels has disappeared from his secret base in Kampala, Ugandan military said.

Brig Sultan Makenga had been under the guard of the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF).

The Uganda army spokesman, Brig Richard Karemire, told Daily Monitor that Brig Makenga disappeared on January 14.

“We don’t have him. He went missing,” Brig Karemire said.

He escaped

However, he did not explain how he escaped from them.

Brig Karemire said the UPDF guards were meant to protect the Congolese rebel from harm, but not “denying him freedom of movement”.

The Congolese army on Tuesday said an armed group suspected to be M23 had entered DR Congo and captured four crew members of a crashed military helicopter in the eastern part of the country.

A secret place

The M23 rebels have been living in Bihanga army barracks in Ibanda District after suffering defeat by the Congolese and UN troops in 2013.

However, their leader Makenga was relocated to a secret place in Kampala where he had been under UPDF control until January 14.

Two weeks ago, Uganda government issued a statement, saying that M23 rebels who had been cantoned at Bihanga Military Training School, had been quietly escaping.

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