Former Egypt minister to serve seven years

An Egyptian court sentenced former Interior minister Habib al-Adly to seven years in prison for corruption Saturday, in one of the last cases against Hosni Mubarak-era officials following his 2011 overthrow.

Adly, who was seen as a brutal enforcer for the ousted strongman Mubarak, can appeal the verdict.

The sentencing came less than a month after Mubarak himself was freed from detention, following his acquittal over charges of involvement in protester deaths during the 18-day revolt that unseated him.

Adly and other police commanders had also been acquitted of those charges.

Six others

But the court on Saturday found him and 10 other Interior ministry officials guilty of embezzling more than two billion pounds (about $110 million) while Adly was Interior minister.

Two other defendants also received seven-years sentences, while the court sentenced six others to six years in prison each and two to three years.

Adly had been placed under house arrest since November.

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