North Koreans expatriates leave Angola over UN sanctions

A group of 55 North Korean nationals have left Angola following the sanctions imposed on the Asian state by the UN, media confirmed.

The state-owned Jornal de Angola said the 55 were among the 153 North Korean expatriates in Angola.

The UN Security Council in September unanimously adopted a US-drafted resolution to impose new sanctions on North Korea.

The move came just one week after the Asian country carried out its sixth and largest nuclear test.

Work agreements

The Jornal de Angola said the remaining 98 North Koreans would also leave the southern African country.

The publication said Foreign Affairs Secretary Téte António oversaw the departure of the 55 Asians at the Aeroporto Internacional 4 de Fevereiro in Luanda.

Mr António was quoted saying the termination of the expatriates' work agreements was in line with Angola fulfilling the UN's 2371 Resolution, which imposes sanctions on North Korean firms.

He was further quoted saying the departing North Koreans worked in the construction sector.

Non-declared units

In September, the VOA Radio reported that the UN Security Council was investigating the violation of sanctions against North Korea by Angola and Mozambique.

According to the report, Mozambique had purchased weapons from North Korea, while a company from the Asian state was operating in Angola.

“According to a report produced by panel of eight experts, a North Korean firm, the Green Pine Corporation, that has been under sanctions since 2012, was operating in Luanda," the report said.

The VOA Radio explained that a Green Pine Corporation representative with a diplomatic visa, was based in Angola.

“In Angola, the UN is also investigating the training of the Presidential Guard and other non-declared units by North Korean troops,” it added.

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