One killed in Sudan clashes for gold

Clashes over land ownership between Sudanese and a Russian company at a gold field north of Khartoum have left at least one person dead, witnesses confirmed.

Mr Ali Ahmed said the clashes happened at Sangor area in Barbar locality of the River Nile State, about 400km north of the Sudanese capital on Monday.

He said the local people were angered by the government's decision to allow the Russian company's domination of the gold production.

Created tension

“This Area I is owned by local miners and they have worked in mining for 20 years ago. The government has now created tension by granting foreign companies the right to invest in this land without any consultations with the local community," explained Mr Ahmed.

The Barbar locality commissioner, Mr Abdul Moniem Alsaim, told the local Alshorooq TV that one person had been killed and five others injured, one of them critically, during the clashes.

He added that the injured man was being treated at a hospital in Atbara city.

“Clashes have erupted in Sangor Valley in White Nile State between a Russian company and local miners over land ownership,” the commissioner explained.

Oil revenues

“We sent reinforcement to the area to control the situation and conduct investigations,” he added.

Resistant groups have appeared in North Sudan's gold-rich areas, protesting the environmental and social degradation visited upon them by the mining activities in their lands.

Gold mining became a major source of income for Sudan following the loss of the oil revenues occasioned by the separation of South Sudan in 2011.

A report by the Mining ministry indicated that the gold production exceeded 100 tons in 2017.

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