Torrential rains kill at least 50 in Mozambique

The torrential rains that pounded Mozambique for three consecutive days from Sunday killed at least 50 people, official said.

The spokesman for the Institute for Disaster Management (INGC), Mr Paulo Tomas, was quoted by the local media saying the fatalities were recorded in the capital Maputo and the neighbouring town of Matola.

"The people who lost their lives were directly affected by floods and strong winds that toppled their homes in Maputo and Matola," Mr Tomas told reporters.

Rubbish mound

"There are predictions of possible floods and erosion in Maputo and Beira, as well as destruction of infrastructure," he added.

The deaths have added to Mozambique's woes after 17 people were killed when a rubbish mound collapsed in a poor district of Maputo on Monday.

Torrential rain is thought to have caused the loose waste to shift and crash down on the shacks, trapping the occupants who were sleeping at the time of the incident on Sunday night.

Maputo has received heavy rains since Sunday, causing flooding that has damaged homes, roads and learning institutions.

INGC confirmed that at least 150,000 people have been directly affected.

The rains are expected to continue till the end of the month, and families living in risky areas have been advised to relocate.

Severe drought

Mr Tomas said that urban areas in the south and centre of the country would continuously be affected by adverse weather conditions.

The rains have come after Mozambique, like other southern Africa states, experienced a severe drought.

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