Zambia poll agency lifts campaign ban

Zambian President Edgar Lungu during the launch of his re-election campaign at the Heroes Stadium in Lusaka. The electoral agency July 18, 2016 lifted a 10-day campaign ban in the capital imposed to contain violence. FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

Zambia’s electoral agency has lifted the 10-day ban it imposed on political parties from campaigning in the capital Lusaka and one other district south of the country.

The ban followed increased electoral violence ahead of the August 11 General Election.

The Electoral Commission of Zambia spokesman, Mr Crispin Akufuna, confirmed the development to reporters in Lusaka on Monday.

Fired shots

Over a week ago, one person was shot dead, several others injured and 22 detained as police fired shots and teargas to disperse a protest by the main opposition United Party for National Development members, who were trooping into Lusaka after being denied a permit to hold a rally.

Two top parties, the governing Patriotic Front and the main opposition United Party for National Development, have been accused of being at the centre of mayhem and stoking tensions.

Peace charter

The electoral body refuted opposition claims it was planning to reschedule the elections.

It also said it had added demands of the opposition to the peace charter they refused to sign last week.

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