Special Report

Zuma no-confidence motion on Thursday

By GREGORY WALTON in Cape Town | Wednesday, February 14   2018 at  15:12

South African President Jacob Zuma.

No relenting in the push to oust besieged South African president

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Joy, hope in Liberia as George Weah is sworn in

By AFP | Monday, January 22   2018 at  18:42

Weah's swearing in completes Liberia's first transition between democratically-elected leaders since 1944.

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Militias turn their guns on wildlife in Central Africa

By KENNEDY SENELWA | Wednesday, January 3   2018 at  09:00

Poachers are working in remote regions in Central Africa where infrastructure and government is inadequate.

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Ethiopian pop star Teddy Afro delights fans, irks authorities

By AFP | Thursday, December 28   2017 at  12:18

Ethiopian pop star Teddy Afro

While his songs can be heard blasting across Addis, Ethiopians still fear playing "Jah Yasteseryal" in public.

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